Hilmi Practice Management System

£150.00 / month

Full Practice Management System.

EGOS Fully Integrated, GOS1, 3, 4, 5, 6. Never lose a voucher again, claim the Full entitled amount.

Eye Testing, Dispensing, Contact lenses, Financials, Reminders, Business Analytics + much more

Multi Practice discount of 25% ! 

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There are no modules or extras, everything you need is included in one price.

Having been built using the Microsoft Cloud, its reliability is unparalleled (There are local server options available if required). Have your data available 24/7 365 anywhere. Using an old laptop to do a domiciliary exam? No problem. As long as you have an internet connection, you have access to your System.

The Hilmi PMS is fully customisable to your practice branding. This means that your logo, brand, slogans etc, are all incorporated within the on screen information as well as printed material.

Here are the highlights :

  • Diary - Add Clinics (as many Clinics per day as you want) with automatic SMS and Email reminder options.
  • Clinical Notes - Eye exams, Contact Lens appointments, Dispenses, Referrals, Prescription Cards etc.
  • Advanced Eye Exam - Automatically informs you of medications that may effect the eye, Prescription checker, Glaucoma risk Analysis + much more.
  • Till function - manages all cash, card and NHS payments, both part and full including receipt printing and VAT breakdown using SDC.
  • Reminders that are GPDR compliant - Patients can control how they receive reminders, by SMS, Letter or Email. Reminders are fully automated.
  • Feedback System - Automated emails for feedback questionnaires. Can be set after Sight Test, Collection, etc.
  • Analytics - KPI's such as Optometrist conversion, average order values, new patients per month, Like for Like by week, month or year. Discover how your patients found you and why.
  • Marketing - Send Emails, SMS or letters to exactly who you want (GDPR compliant). Want to do a kids promotion? Send just to under 16's. The power to drive your business is now in your hands.
  • Organise your staff -  A powerful to do list system allows users to give other users notes and tasks.
  • Colourimetry and Visual Stress - Innovative and scientific algorithms to test a patients reading ability and prescribe tints.
  • Add your scans - Want to save an OCT, fields, or any scan to a patients file? No problem.
  • Support Forum - Want some help getting the most out of the system? Ask others and our staff for quick and useful information.
  • Immediate Support -Need Help now? Use our live chat to contact to our expert staff.



The Hilmi PMS is simple to use but packed with powerful features that allow you to manage your practice the way you want.



Patient Management

Managing your patients is made simple through the Hilmi PMS centralised patient module. A user-friendly menu system combined with mouse point and click functionality supports users to maintain patient information, dispenses, contact lens history, financial statements, and communications.



Diary Management

The Diary is quick and simple to use. You can book new patient or existing ones in, and they will automatically receive a SMS or email with the appointment details. 


Incredible Clinical Notes

This is the heart of the Hilmi PMS. Logical, well laid out forms, that allow clinicians to be efficient and safe. The system warns when critical data is not entered, or suggestive of eye disease. Easily add you existing scans/field plots to the patients file. 


Automated Recalls and Reminders

Fully configurable recall system, you can set how and when patients get reminders for their eye test, when they get reminders they are over due. You can also specify an SMS or email to let patients know their glasses are ready, automatically when they are checked in.


Fully Integrated EGOS

No more forms. No more paperwork. All NHS GOS forms are processed through the Hilmi PMS, even GOS6 and PVN requests.

Once you have witnessed how quick and easy the process is, you will wonder why you ever put up with the old forms. No more lost vouchers, claim the full amount you are entitled to, which is often more than you think.



Detailed Reporting and KPI’s

How well is the business doing? How well is it doing compared to this time last year ? What is your most profitable frame? How many new patients per month have you had this month compared to this time last year? How are you getting the patients? Did they hear about you from a friend or an internet search?

Have the answer to all those questions and more.


Full Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)

A full till system is built in. Print receipts, daily banking, everything you need to do in your practice is catered for.



Simple to use Dispensing System

The core of the system. Designed to be simple to use, quick and cost effective. Easy frame search, lens selection takes seconds. Take the stress and mistakes out of dispensing, automatic voucher and repair calculations means that you will always claim the correct amount. 


Full Marketing Suite

What to grow your business? You need to market it. Send GDPR compliant letters, emails and SMS to who ever you want. Want to send a SMS message to over 45’s about a new varifocal promotion? Its as easy as clicking a few buttons.


Colourimetry Assessment Tool

A powerful tool to measure a patients reading ability and the effect of colour and contrast. 


Stock Control

Want to keep track of your stock? Know how many frames of each model at any one time.

Easy to use Support

The Hilmi PMS is easy to use, but you still may have questions, we are happy to help. The Hilmi PMS has an in built support forum, but we know that is not enough, so we have a team who you can call on the phone.

Daily Backups

Computers break, accidents happen. An automated backup is done daily to ensure your data is safe.

Secure Storage

Store all your scans, letters, field plots etc everything in the Hilmi PMS. Then you can access them on any computer with the Hilmi PMS installed. Perfect for multi-practice groups and domiciliary providers.


Regular Updates

Nothing is perfect, and we are always seeking to improve and add new features. Over the past 5 years, over 200 new features and updates have been issued, all through our seamless automatic update system.

One you login, if an update is available, it is automatically downloaded and installed. No hassle, no stress.