The Perfect Software to grow your Practice.

The Hilmi PMS

Upgrade to the Latest A-Eye Technology

Get Business Insights that allow you to make the best decisions

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports

Did that leaflet drop help last month? How is the business doing compared to this time last year? What trends are forming? Get the information you need.

Detailed KPI Analysis

Instantly know the dispensing percentage for any date range, by any Optometrist, in any of your practices. Would you like to know your average order value for this week, month or even year? Its all here.

Know your best Performing Products

Find out what your Best Selling frame is. Identify the trends so you can increase your popularity and profits.

Make the Best Clinical Decisions

The Hilmi PMS has been built by a team of Optometrists and Ophthalmologists.

It shows.

All the information an Eye Care Professional needs, in an intelligent order, with AI Technology giving you extra advice and insights.

AI technology checks your files, ensuring you haven’t missed anything.



Integrate with your current OCT, Fundus Camera, Fields Machine…..

Having the latest technology is great.

Having it all linked and working smoothly is another thing.

The Hilmi PMS allows the practitioner to store scans to a patient, meaning that you can see previous scans at a touch of a button.

A Dispensing System Like no other.

We are a friendly company to work with & we provide useful advise to the customers on how to make their products better & compete with other products in the market. We think logically & ensure that the design their products better & compete with other products in the market. The market. We think logically & ensure that the design products better & compete with other products

Im so glad I went with the Hilmi PMS. The amount of time and energy its saved me is priceless. 

S Jones Opticians

I was really impressed with the Hilmi PMS. Especially the voucher value calculations, I can’t imagine how much money this has saved us, its probably enough to pay for itself already.

S. Jones In dependant Practice Owner